Novi Sad, is the city in the Vojvodina, northern Serbian province, is placed on the banks of river Danube, next to the national park Fruska Gora. Twenty percent of the entire Vojvodinian population lives in Novi Sad.

What differentiate Novi Sad from other cities in Serbia is a wide diversity of nationalities, cultures and religions. Five Orthodox churches, Jewish synagogue and Catholic cathedral in the very heart of Novi Sad symbolize the multiculturalism of this city. As the second biggest city in Serbia, Novi Sad is becoming the main cultural center in country and bears the name Serbian Athens. Some of the main cultural events that take place in Novi Sad every year are “Sterijino pozorje” (theatre festival), traditional “Zmajeve decije igre” (children's festival) and, of course, the famous EXIT - one of the best music festivals in Europe. These and many other events largely contribute the image of Novi Sad, Vojvodina and entire country. Novi Sad is a university city, a city of museums, galleries, libraries, theatres. It is a center of well developed journalistic and publishing industries, radio and television. Novi Sad is the seat of Matica Srpska and a city of fairs with many traditional and worldwide recognized international manifestations. It is a railway and road crossing on the main international railroad from Athens, i.e. Istanbul to Budapest.

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