Dejan & Sanja

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Dejan & Sanja are not only good dancers but excellent instructors and choreographers living in Nis, Serbia. They travel, instruct and perform all around Europe.

Dejan is a dancer with great skills and he has an amazing ability to lead as well as great range of moves and combinations. Sanja, on the other hand, is a great follower who has exquisite precision, elegance and fluidity on the dance floor.

Due to their success in competitions and their achievements they were for the first time invited to work as instructors at the first Serbian Salsa Congress (Belgrade), Salsa Motion Weekend (Belgrade) and Cubanero (Novi Sad), where they started their career of dance instructors.

After the success in Serbia they continued to cooperate with and teach at regional and international salsa festivals such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, India and so on.

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