There are 2 types of promoters:

  1. Promoters who get Promo code, and payment of Passes is made exclusively online through Cubanero website or through the site for the online payment;
  2. Group leaders who organize groups without Promo code, and payment of Passes is in agreement with the organizer.

Promoters/group leaders can create event on Facebook, or promote event through mailing lists, in their school, among their friends etc.

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Promoters with Promo code

  • To become a Promoter, you need to register by filling up the form in order to get your unique Promo code;
  • Promo code is used when purchasing the Pass online on Cubanero site or directly on the Weezevent page;
  • Promoter gives his unique Promo code to all members of his school/group who want to buy the Pass online;
  • Discount for everyone who use the Promo code when buying their Pass (valid only for Full or Sensual Pass) is -5€ on valid Pass rate in the moment of buying;
  • Bonus for Promoter is calculated if his Promo code has been used at least 5 times for purchasing Full or Sensual Pass. Bonus is 5€ for every purchased Pass (Full or Sensual);
  • Bonus that Promoter accomplishes cannot be changed for money, but it can be used for buying his own and every next Pass.

Group leaders

  • To become a Group leader, you need to register by filling up the form in order to register your group
  • Group leader is not counted as member of group;
  • Discount is calculated if a group has minimum 10 people;
  • Discount is calculated only for same Passes: Full or Sensual, and it is not possible to combine them. Discount is not valid for Party pass;
  • When group has minimum of 10 people, discount is -10€ on each Pass, while every 11th Pass is for free;
  • Group leader can every second, third and next Pass sell or give if and to whom he wants;
  • In case Group leader is prevented to come to festival, his Full Pass can be given to other person, and organizer has to be informed about that;
  • Before every next price level, Group leader is obliged to send valid list or changed list if there are any changes. Discount for members of group is calculated with valid prices at the time of application;
  • Person is considered registered the moment 30€ deposit is paid to group leader, and the rest of the amount according to agreement with the organizer;
  • In case one of group members quit, Group leader can have empty place filled in with another person and inform organizer about the change. If place remains unfilled, nonrefundable 30€ deposit is kept;
  • 10 days prior to festival, final lists must be delivered to organizers, and afterward changes are not possible.

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